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Sam Hosts Mysticons Web Series

Within just a few weeks of signing up with TN, Sam booked the “Host” role for a new Mysticons YouTube webisode series! The role was cast via self-tape.

Check out all 4 of his webisodes below:

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Ael, Ryka and Bradley for Sweet Jesus

Ael, Ryka and Bradley all got a chance to work with one of the top creative commercial photographers in Canada, Matt Barnes from Westside Studio!

The three boys were booked from their online portfolio and along with being paid for their work, they even got a Sweet Jesus gift card! The photo below is taken from Matt Barnes’ Instagram page. Can you spot Ael, Ryka and Bradley?


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Ryan for Lorex by Flir Commercial

Ryan Alves plays the role of the son aka “Kevin” in the latest commercial for  Lorex by Flir home monitoring systems!

Lorex is an American company advertising its brand now in Canada!

Check out the full commercial on YouTube:

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The Wall Street Journal Commercial

Maliah appears in this new commercial for The Wall Street Journal!

“The publisher’s fast-paced, poppy new ad featuring a young woman who’s been on the go since birth is all about the ambitious, entrepreneurial generation who want to be their own bosses, the kind of people the Journal would like to have as readers and subscribers.”

[Click here to Read the full Adweek Article]

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Ashley in Adventures of Napkin Man!

Ashley received an offer for the role of “Layla” and the voice of “Jamila” in Season 3 of Adventures of Napkin Man, airing on CBC Kids!

She is now a full member of ACTRA!

Watch the latest episode here:

Check out her IMDb credit.

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Miko for Indigo Kids Commercial!

Miko was booked for an Indigo commercial from his photos and self-tape, no audition!

The video below is 1 of 2 commercials that can be found on the official YouTube channel for Indigo | Chapters!

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Freddie for McDonalds!

Freddie has appeared in four McDonald’s YouTube commercials. The client absolutely loved him!

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Percy for Cineplex Print Ads!

Percy did a print ad campaign for “The Rec Room”, a new experience from Cineplex.

You can find out about it here:

Percy has also booked several new photoshoot, commercials and will be doing some acting in a feature film!

Stay tuned for more!

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Crispim Family for Enbridge!

The Crispim family submitted their family shots, self-tapes and auditioned downtown to be cast for this online ad campaign for Enbridge Gas!

The shoot was set up as a surprise so as to produce natural and interesting reactions. The ads run on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube!

The youngest of the group, Aria Crispim is currently being represnted by TN Model & Talent agency.

Visit Aria’s profile here.

Watch the commercial here:

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